Saw Palmetto Products

Standardized Liquid Extract PremiumC02

89-95% Fatty Acids (minimum)
Color: Amber Gold
Shipped in 190 kilo food grade plastic drums with 2" bunt hole
(small quanities are available by special order)



We offer multi year contract with fixed pricing to secure inventory at your convenience, no waiting time on delivery.

Whole Berries Wild Crafted

Shipped in 50 lb boxes with poly liner
Also available in 1500 lb jumbo totes

Natural Powder 40 Mesh

7 -12% Fatty Acids
Color: Brown
Shipped in 50 lb poly boxes with poly liner

Premium Spray Dried Extract

10%, 25%, 30% & 45% Powdered or Granulated
Color: Yellow
Shipped in 25 kilo boxes with poly liner

Premium Softgels

160 MG or 320 MG 5, 6, or 7 Oval
Color: Amber Gold
Minimum quantity 1 Case (15,000 per case)